George McConnel's RC51 BLOG

Date:June 27, 2006
Track:Music City Raceway (Nashville, TN)
Bike:2002 Honda RVT1000 (RC51)
Weather:Clear, about 80, occasional breezes
Conducted By:N/A
Track Characteristics Music City Raceway is a simple drag strip with no extrordinary chracteristics except that it is only a 1/8 mile strip instead of a 1/4 mile.

I decided to take the RC51 to the drag strip to accomplish a couple of things. First, I wanted to burn off more of that rear tire so I wouldn't feel so bad about throwing it away with all that tread left on it before my next road course race. Second I just wanted to know for comparison's sake roughly how much acceleration I could get out of it in a drag racing type situation.

I still haven't put this bike on a dyno so I don't know what kind of horsepower it's producing, but I'm sure it's around 120. Of course it doesn't matter how much power it's producing if the rider can't control it.

I arrived at Music City Raceway around 6:45 PM, got signed in and was ready to go. There were probably around 30 or so motorcycles there. Back when I used to go a lot there weren't many Hayabusas drag racing. Now it seemed that's all there were. Of course that's an exaggeration, but there really were quite a few of them there.

I had invited several of my friends to join me (with or without their bikes) but in the end only my old drag racing pal Rich Simmons and his step-daughter Hailey came. Rich had ridden his Gold Wing so Hailey would be more comfortable so he didn't do any drag racing that evening.

I ran 3 time trials and one elimination, in which I got put out. Here are my numbers:

Time Trial # 1
Me The Other Guy
60 ft:2.3692
330 ft:5.8232
ET @ 594 ft:8.0032
1/8 ET:8.4831
1/8 MPH:93.76
60 ft:2.0139
330 ft:4.9620
ET @ 594 ft:6.9001
1/8 ET:7.3289
1/8 MPH:104.93

Time Trial # 2
Me The Other Guy
60 ft:2.1890
330 ft:5.4793
ET @ 594 ft:7.5991
1/8 ET:8.0722
1/8 MPH:95.11
60 ft:1.7390
330 ft:4.5390
ET @ 594 ft:6.3781
1/8 ET:6.7861
1/8 MPH:110.29

Time Trial # 3
Me The Other Guy
60 ft:2.2261
330 ft:5.7209
ET @ 594 ft:7.9052
1/8 ET:8.3890
1/8 MPH:93.01
60 ft:1.7370
330 ft:4.6901
ET @ 594 ft:6.6932
1/8 ET:7.1370
1/8 MPH:101.39

Elimination # 1
Me The Other Guy
60 ft:2.2472
330 ft:5.6161
ET @ 594 ft:7.7540
1/8 ET:8.2292
1/8 MPH:94.69
60 ft:1.9572
330 ft:4.8702
ET @ 594 ft:6.8532
1/8 ET:7.3410
1/8 MPH:92.23

As you might be able to see if you're familiar with what these numbers mean, I pretty much got owned all evening. Didn't matter though. I was there because I wanted to have some fun with my bike. And in that area I succeeded.

After I got eliminated we packed it in and headed home. Next stop: Road Atlanta for Cycle Jam!

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